booby-trapped this October?


This will be my only post about breast cancer awareness month. I’m aware.

Originally posted on considering the lilies:

boo·by trap 

Meaning: A practical joke. Also a concealed and possibly lethal trap.
Noun: A thing designed to catch the unwary, in particular
Verb: Place a booby trap in or on (an object or area): “the area was booby-trapped.”
Synonyms: snare, trick into doing something

“Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November . . .”  the rhyme reminds me, as it has done countless times before, that October has thirty-one days, and it is just around the corner. Thirty one days to make us all impossibly more aware of breast cancer. Thirty one days of purchasing pink and running towards towards “the cure” (two words trademarked by the Susan G. Komen Foundation just in case you’re thinking of hosting a similar event “for the cure). The White House will undoubtedly turn pink again and the cashiers at the grocery store will ask me for a…

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