Health Madlib Poem. This challenge was a little different, requiring me to play some more with words, with parts of speech. I simply visited Language is a Virus and entered random nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Here’s what it generated, in the style of e.e.cummings:

pink density’s pink density

sadly i have never questioned, betrayed beyond
the pink ribbon, such promises have their price:
in your most public displays are things which offend me,
or which i cannot detect because they are too hidden

your innocent unfurling at last will undo me
though i have deceived myself as delivered,
you deliver always denial by denial myself as lies conceal
(duping defiantly, defining) her worthy warriors

or if your purpose be to cure me, i and
my cancer will endure very impatiently, there,
as when the purveyors of this pink ribbon promise
the cure elusively everywhere eluding;

nothing which we are to regret in this prevents recurrence
the return of your frightening clutches: whose countdown
connects me with the truth of carcinoma,
outsmarting cause and prevention with each appearing

(i do not destroy what it is about you that travels
and spreads; only something in me dreads
the pinkness of your promises is sadder than all lies)
patience, not even the child’s, has such mandatory manipulation

– yvonne & e.e. cummings

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